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Our Dark History

As originally printed in the October, 1968 issue.

A documentary is shown in the University Center causing a divide between our Undead Student Body and our Living Student Body. It will take the next 41 years to undo this disaster.


On October 1st we got in a new movie to show over at The Metro.  We had no idea that it would cause the mayhem that followed.   Just a harmless movie is what we all thought it would be.  Instead it pitted our undead students against the our living students.

We honestly thought it was a documentary, but Night of the Living Dead was far from it.

Those who are aware of our University know that we pride ourselves on the co-habitation of all forms of life, be they undead, astral, or of full warm-blooded living bodies.

When our zombie students saw this film they went mad, attacking everyone in sight and within reach.  The only good news is that we were able to absorb many of those freshly turned zombies back into the ranks of our students; they simply had to change most of their classes and their majors.

Zombie University Breaks Ground

As originally printed in our February 21st, 1822 issue.

Ground is broken as Zombie University is established. Slated to be complete this year is D.B.H. Hall, the University Center, and Manes Field. More Academic buildings will be erected over the next 5 years.